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Best Luxury Watches for Men

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How to Choose the Best Earrings for all Occasions

By Jane Leeves at 2018-03-08 05:19:40
Earrings are the easiest pieces of jewelry to use as accessories. Earrings are available in various sizes, colors, shapes, styles, designs and are quite affordable. This article will guide you to decide how to choose the best pair of earrings for your requirements.

Face Shape
Women who have a rounder face shape ought not to wear hoop earrings because they can make their faces look even bigger than it is. But she can try wearing drop and line earrings because they will create a more slimming effect which can make a face appear not so plump. Similarly, women who are skinny should avoid line earrings and wear larger hoop earring designs. Women who have a squared shaped face can wear solid stud earrings which can complement their face shape.

Hairstyles often determine which earring style you should wear. Women who have short hair can wear small earrings or stud earrings. Larger earrings and pendants or drop and line earrings will be likely to draw away attention from their face. But women who have long and flowing locks are recommended to wear drop earrings which can bring about an illusion of symmetry. But women who have longer hair who tie their hair back in ponytails can wear medium and smaller sized earrings.

Finally, the outfit you wear will determine the earring. If you are wearing brightly colored gowns, then go for long shiny earrings and if you are wearing darker colors then wear stud earrings.You can buy the best Women’s Earrings Online, and Best Luxury Watches for Men online at affordable prices.

I hope that this blog post provides you some idea about how you can choose the perfect earrings for all occasions. So next time, you won’t have to think twice about which pair to wear before stepping out.

Jane Winston is a reputed jewelry designer who has worked for various jewelry firms across the United States. Thomas recommends you to check out the popular online stores to purchase the Best Luxury Watches for Men and the best Women’s Earrings Online.
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